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The evolving Indonesian consumer

Five million Indonesian are entering
the urban consuming class each year.

Insights into one of the fastest growing
economies in the world

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Insights into one of the fastest growing
economies in the world

From moments to journeys:
A paradigm shift in
customer experience excellence

Why do so many companies fall short of their
goals to deliver exceptional customer service?
The answer lies in the idea of customer journeys.
Here's why touchpoints
are not the whole story.


Racing ahead:
How digital is changing
the car buying experience

Car buyers no longer rely on dealers
for information. Many are even willing to
consider buying a car online. Here's how the
auto industry needs to adapt.

Africa's youth consumers:
Optimistic, tech-savvy
and upwardly mobile

Undertsanding young people is the
key to unlocking the broader, $400 billion
African consumer opportunity
between now and 2020.

Luxury goods in Japan:
A 2013 preview

Japan’s luxury shoppers have altered the
way they think and shop. Here are four trends
marketers need to grasp in order to meet
the changing consumer expectations in the
world's third largest luxury market.

iConsumers: Life online

New digital technologies are changing consumer
behavior and spending. This compendium
highlights what multinationals need to do to
recognize and respond to these changes.

The new Indonesian consumer

The Indonesian economy is on the move,
thanks largely to its robust and growing
domestic consumption. Here’s how to
understand the emerging class of
Indonesian consumers.

Luxury without borders:
2012 Chinese luxury consumer survey

Chinese consumers have leapt into first place
among the world’s spenders on luxury goods.
Yet this market is undergoing tumultuous changes.
Here’s what you need to know.

Making sense of e-detailing in
Japan's pharmaceutical sector

Japan is the world leader in the use of e-detailing
in the pharma sector. Is this the end of the line for
sales representatives? How far can this go?

Read related interviews with Japan-based executives:
Dimitri Livadas, Eli Lilly and Philippe Auvaro, GSK

What's new

McKinsey on Healthcare

Understanding and engaging a new era of Medicaid consumers

April 2014
A new McKinsey survey sheds light on the key differences among Medicaid consumers— distinctions that have important implications for how to engage current and potential enrollees effectively.
Telecom, Media & High Tech extranet

Beyond smartphones: Assessing adjacent devices

April 2014
The smartphone experience continues to be enhanced and personalized with a host of equally "smart" adjacent devices that people can wear - or even swallow.
McKinsey research

Digital luxury experience: Keeping up with changing customers

April 2014
Digital is affecting not just sales of luxury goods, but the entire value chain -- from digital marketing and enhanced in-store experience to product co-creation.
McKinsey Global Institute

Bridging the gap: Modern and traditional retail in Mexico

April 2014
Modern stores are gaining share in Mexico, but traditional ones continue to proliferate. Here’s how traditional retail can boost productivity.
McKinsey Quarterly

The mobile Internet’s consumer dividend

March 2014
New research suggests that the dollar value of user benefits from all the free access to information online have nearly doubled, thanks to the growth of the wireless web.
McKinsey Global Institute

India’s path from poverty to empowerment

March 2014
While India's middle class is growing, a new report finds that 56 percent of the population lacks the means to meet essential needs. A roadmap for changing that.
Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Fresh take on food retailing

March 2014
Fresh food categories are strong drivers of store traffic and customer loyalty. Here's how retailers can manage them for greater profitability.
The Future of Marketing conference

Video: Going for gold in emerging markets

March 2014
Over the next fifteen years, 3/4 of the global GDP growth is going to come from emerging markets, making those consumers the dominant force in the global economy.
Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Building excellence in digital marketing and sales: Imperatives for consumer companies

February 2014

As they continue on their digital journey, companies should focus on a handful of decisions that build digital intelligence from the ground up and across the entire marketing and sales organization.

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

A multifaceted future: The jewelry industry in 2020

February 2014

The consolidation and growth trends that have unfolded in the apparel sector over the last three decades appear to be playing out in the jewelry sector, but at a much faster pace.

McKinsey research

What emerging markets can teach us about improving U.S. health care

February 2014
The U.S. spends close to ten times the world average on health care per capita. Here's how we can innovate while containing costs.
Insights & Publications

Sub-Saharan Africa: A major potential revenue opportunity for digital payments

February 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa offers tantalizing potential for mobile financial services, but as yet there have been few success stories. One hurdle has been the lack of clear numbers on the size of the opportunity.

McKinsey Greater China

Ten predictions for China in 2014

January 2014

The year ahead could see companies focus on driving productivity, CIOs becoming a hot commodity, shopping malls going bankrupt, and European soccer clubs finally investing in Chinese ones. McKinsey director Gordon Orr makes his annual predictions.

McKinsey research

The keys to driving broad consumer adoption of digital wallets and mobile payments

January 2014
Use of mobile wallets by U.S. consumers remains low. Here's how companies should be working together to change that.
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Outside insights

Top headwinds facing U.S. consumers

Sixty-four percent of U.S. households said that rising food prices were a major factor limiting their spending in mid-2013, and 52 percent were still unhappy with prices in January 2014.

Outside insights

The secretive, Chinese tech giant that can rival Facebook and Amazon

Tencent, a controversial, $139 billion company with nearly a billion users, which functions like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Uber all rolled into one, is gunning for global expansion.

Outside insights

Will wearable technology become the new smartphone?

More than half of US consumers who have owned an activity tracker no longer use it, and a third of US consumers who have owned one stopped using the device within the next six months.

Outside insights

Do dollar stores need a crummy economy?

The U.S. now has 30% more places to buy an 80¢ stick of deodorant or a $1.05 jar of salsa than it did in 2009, and two-thirds more than a decade ago.

Outside insights

Eight (no, nine!) problems with big data

Big data is at its best when analyzing things that are extremely common, but often falls short when analyzing things that are less common.

Outside insights

Why teens are innovators of a new public form of privacy

In a world where opting out of online culture is hardly an option, many teens take a far more sophisticated view of privacy than adults give them credit for.